Stress and unchecked pressure has financial, mental, emotional and physical consequences. Resilience is the antidote to stress. Dr. Cynthia Howard created the resilience pyramid after working with hundreds of individuals and discovering a path through it that activates resilience.

5 Levels of Resilience

Navigate stress with the Resilience Pyramid

Stress is part of living and working in the digital age. With information overload and an acceleration pace, it seems impossible to not get frustrated or irritated at distractions and uncertainty. 

Because of how we are hardwired, the stress reaction disrupts creative thinking, decision making and the ability to relate in a positive way to staff. Your energy is your capacity and when drained, you do not show up as an effective leader. 

Resilience is the antidote to stress and ensures you have access to your highest level of thinking and decision making possible.

Inside this Course, you will learn about the 5 levels of the pyramid along with strategies you can use at each level to support you. You also have an assessment to measure where you are.   

You will learn:

What's Included in 5 Levels Course

BONUSES:  Mindful Meditation (Audio)  

This was so helpful in managing my stress. I liked having a roadmap giving me the guidance for each level of the pyramid.
Kristen L.

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Dr. Cynthia Howard
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