Online Management Training

Content is Updated Weekly

Our content includes everything you need to be successful as a leader and to flourish in your life. Tired leaders who are burned out are not going to achieve great results.  This is your Club for Work and Well-Being.

Lean Six Sigma Tools: A3, Team Charter, 5 S (Reducing Waste), Kaizen events, Lean Leader Certificate.

Tools and instructions added weekly… 

EI Impact: Emotional Intelligence Assessment and course. Bonus: 21 EI exercises.

Leverage Conflict: Learn how to handle conflict and what your default style is.

Additional assessments include: Resilience, Myers Briggs, Creativity, Strength Profile, Team Performance…

Beyond Burnout

30 Change Your Thoughts Journaling program

Essential Aromatherapy: An Intro to Using EO for Stress

The Mindful Leader

Mindfulness, Guided Imagery audios

… and more

Coaching your team

Team activities

Leadership brand

Managing change

Tools and resources added weekly… 

Planning and priorities

Attention and Concentration

Setting goals

Productivity tools

100 day map 

curses, quick resources, checklists… tools added weekly

Self awareness exercises

Emotional agility

Effectiveness as a leader

self-assessments, checklists, audio, video… and more

Sampling of Our Courses

You can purchase many of our online management training courses individually. Below is a sampling of our courses. The best value is a subscription to the Work Smart Club. We continue to update our library, weekly, with new content.

Set Sticky Goals

Get it Done. Be Productive.

Learn to Delegate

Be More Assertive!

The Confidence Course

First 100 Days New Manager

The Motivation Mindset

Toolkit Optimism

Toolkit Mindful Leader

Makeover Your Meetings!

Rewire Your Stress

Step by Step Kanban

5 Levels of Resilience

Apologize Effectively