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The Work Smart Club Network is your resource center for all things leadership. We have premium content, but most importantly, we have experts, coaching, & a big and broad perspective to support your breakthrough from self-imposed glass ceilings and barriers to going further ahead in your career, and in your life!

Too Busy to Join Another Group?

It can be lonely at the top. It can be confusing along the way to the top! While you are developing connections and growing your influence network at work, it can be hard to know who to trust.

Most successful leaders have coaches. This is so you get dedicated feedback, can talk freely, and have access to expert outlook on your challenges. Coaching helps one grow and excel. But many do not make the investment. It can seem ‘too expensive.’

We combine, coaching, training and self-paced learning with networking for the best of both worlds. The expert support without the price tag!

We are NOT just another group. We know your time is valuable, and you are destined, and we are here to make sure this happens! We have a winning formula, coaching, content, convenience & support.


Work Smart: Value Contribution

You Can Be Your Worst Enemy

Are you focused on your weaknesses, or those things you can't do very well? Is it hard to identify your superpowers - your strengths? Do you feel invisible and wonder why you do not get the opportune assignments? If you are lacking the following, it can feel like you are spinning your wheels.
Work Smart: Time

You CAnnot Get More Time

Time is the ONLY resource we cannot get more of, and yet, time is wasted every day. People may be asking you, “Do you have a minute,” and twenty minutes later they walk away feeling better and you have to clear your mind and then catch up on your work.

Without valuing time and your specific contribution it can seem too difficult to move ahead because there is never enough time, energy or resources left over for you. Learn to set boundaries and manage your time and energy.

Work Smart: Focus

Distraction is Deadly

We live and work in the digital age. It is the age of distraction. And despite great advantages of technology, what is not so well known, are the dangers of distraction, like increased irritability, forgetfulness, loss of focus and concentration. These chew up time and energy, so instead of focusing on what is most important, you focus on the false urgency. Instead of moving ahead you end up spinning your wheels.  

Information flow and the demands of change have accelerated which means we have to accelerate how we learn.



The Work Smart Club is a digital library with content on leadership topics like delegating, organizing, setting goals, dealing with change, problem solving, using lean sigma tools AND content on resilience, mindfulness and living a better life.


Be a part of our club if you want to FLOURISH and live your best life. This is for leaders, aspiring leaders, professionals who want to move ahead, business owners, and anyone who does not want to get lost in the churn of accelerated change and the confusion of the great reset. 


Our online library with content in audio, video, and pdf  format. We offer short on-the-go training. In addition, you have a private networking space, for Q&A and live events. Participate in discussions.  We have options for 1:1, group and virtual coaching to suit your changing needs.

Try Us Price! $295/ Year

We are opening up the entire Club & Network for this ridiculously low price. Very soon it will be $1295 for the year and worth every penny because of the tremendous value we provide. Where can you get high level experts, coaching and content, all in one place, so you can get the promotion and go further ahead personally and professionally?  

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Monthly Option

Join us. On Demand Training.

$ 49
7 Day Trial. Access 24/7. Renews at end of the month.
  • 24/7 access complete library (Value $1200).
  • 100+checklists, guidebooks, practical tips on handling your daily challenges.
  • Interviews with experts & leaders, recorded and available in the library.
  • Confidence from having premium content at your fingertips.
  • You DO NOT have access to the network.

Annual Option

Make a commitment to your success!

$1295 $ 295
7 Day Trial. Access to membership, 12 months. Renew at the end of your year.
  • 20+ courses with details and a step-by-step framework.
  • 100+ checklists, workbooks, practical tips in handling your daily challenges.
  • Save hundreds of dollars in training. Advance your future!
  • BONUS: The Work Smart Club private network. Access to monthly virtual coaching sessions. Get your questions answered.
  • BONUS: Additional reward points; use on premium courses, assessments and physical items like books and card decks.
  • Peace of Mind: Training and support accessible 24/7. We have your back!
Best Value

Work Smart Club Quarterly

$ 299
7 Day Trial. Access to the network, 3 months. Renews every three months.
  • 20+ courses with details and a step-by-step framework.
  • 100+ checklists, workbooks, practical tips in handling your daily challenges.
  • Get your questions answered in live events.
  • BONUS: The Work Smart Club Network with monthly live virtual coaching.
  • You DO NOT have FREE access to assessments or the reward points.
  • You miss out on the savings and the additional reward points.