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We have all heard Work Smarter But What Does That Mean?

We live and work in an accelerated age and to move ahead we have to accelerate our learning without speeding up and burning out! We wrote the book on working smart and want to show you how to thrive and flourish despite the crazy world!

The Work Smart Club Network was founded by Executive Coach and Performance Consultant, Dr. Cynthia Howard, to provide inspiration AND information to people who want MORE from their life and their career. It is not enough to speed up to catch up. We provide the tools to thrive.

Have you wondered?

I want to leave a leadership legacy, but need stronger leadership skills.

Where can I get answers to questions that you can’t google?

I really need skills in confidence, assertiveness, decision making, problem solving… where do I go?

I want a safe place to share my challenges, mistakes and get answers. 

The network IS FREE to join for a very LIMITED time.

Learn to GET ORGANIZED, Transform Stress, Solve Problems, Stay Motivated &Work Smart!

Working Smart Is More Than Getting IT Done & Being Efficient.

The Work Smart Club Network is an online space to engage with other professionals, learn from our experts and access checklists and helpful resources. What makes it special is YOU.  It is our mission to help you achieve your goals and live your life to its full.

Let’s have that conversation around living and working differently! Quality of life matters. We are here to provide the support and resources to live your BEST life.

Dr. Cynthia Howard has decades of expertise in Performance Consulting and Coaching wants to share it with you! She also knows that you can’t stop learning and joins everyone on the road to managing change and learning to thrive despite the many challenges. 

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Time is the only resource you cannot get more of, and every time you spin your wheels you ARE NOT doing something you would love to do. Join Us!

Camille B.Scrum Master
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I am enjoying the network because I can get my questions answered. It is fun to hear what others are going through.
Kathi SerrieRN, MSN
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Join the network. It is free and I have already learned some tips that save me time! I would have spent hours searching on google only to feel drained and overloaded with information I do not need.
Marcia D.Director of Specialty Operations
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I like knowing what is going to happen every month and schedule time to pop into the network.

In the Work Smart Club Network

You will network with other leaders and professionals, just like you, who want to  live their best life and know that time is valuable.

You will have access to live content and Q & A, so your questions get answered and you keep learning. As a member you have access to the recordings of all the webinars and presentations. 

The Network is linked to our premium library, the Work Smart Club, filled with courses and resources to build confidence, learn delegation, set goals, practice mindfulness, lean sigma and much more.

You will hear from experts in a casual, yet, energized online space.

If you want to get that promotion, strengthen your leadership, manage stress, access the world’s best assessments and receive virtual coaching at a value price – then join the Work Smart Club Network!

What You Can Expect in the Network

Every month we feature a subject that will help you live and work more fulfilled. We provide the following live content, available to you throughout the month. 

Live Virtual Events

Weekly Live Events

Every week we have a content rich webinar that gives you valuable tools and strategies to organize, manage the stress, develop your confidence and more.

Monthly Challenges

Monthly Challenges

We want you to apply the tips and strategies so we invite you into a challenge that makes the tools real. Join us and learn even more with daily tips and instruction.

Courses available in Work Smart Club

Q & A

Downloading a pdf or listening to a webinar is one thing, but too often you have questions that when answered bring the material to life. You have the opportunity to ask your questions and get answers!

Your Executive Coach & Performance Expert

Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD

I have worked with thousands of leaders and professionals who want to move ahead, find a better way to lead and still have time left over for themselves. And I want to work with you! As an executive coach and performance expert I have seen what happens when leaders do not have the skills they need; they can burnout, underperform, or give up all together. Either way it is a tragedy and great loss of potential and purpose. I have a system and proven solution that will help you grow, develop, and find your own sweet spot of balance so you can enjoy more of your life.  

Our Mission

Through our proven process we unlock potential in leaders and the workplace creating a culture of excellence. 

Work Smart Consulting is an innovative professional development company that works with leaders and teams using a 3 prong approach: Assessments, Coaching and Team Development. We integrate lean six sigma in the team building and coaching to transform inconsistent performance to high reliability performance.


  • Pioneer of the resilient mindset
  • FAIS: Fellow, American Institute of Stress (AIS)
  • Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma
  • Certified Trainer Institute of Heartmath
  • Developed the Resilience Pyramid
  • Founder Work Smart Club
  • Author, The Work Smart Principle, Resilient Mindset, Everyday Emotional Intelligence
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